Grocery Stores:
There are a 4 main grocery stores in Tunis and the selection of food is mainly localized. All produce in Tunisia is considered as "organic food" and is seasonal. You can find several small "aatar" (small street stores) all over Tunis selling fresh produce and other basic necessities. Imported foods can be found mainly in the large supermarkets, and are generally more expensive than local foods.
If you need any kind of over-the counter medication, or prescription medicine, you will need to go to a pharmacy.

There are four main supermarkets in Tunis:
1) Carrefour, the closest to the school, is a major French supermarket with several imported items and localized items. The shopping center itself has several boutiques, such as clothes and home decorations, that are relatively expensive but of excellent quality.
2) Promogro is on the road to La Marsa. It has some foodstuffs and other household items.
3) Monoprix, the third French supermarket, has several stores all over Tunis. They are smaller stores than Carrefour and hold mainly food/produce.
Please click here to see a map of Carrefour, Tunis City, and Promogro.
Please click here to see a map with all the Monoprix locations.

There are several patisseries all over Tunis. You can buy several baked goods at all these stores, and they are all very good. Most of the patisseries will have croissants, pain au chocolat, baguettes, and other baked breads, and also Tunisian and French desserts. You can also find baked goods in the larger supermarkets, but they don't have the charm (or smell) of fresh baked goods. The most well known patisserie in Tunis are Ben Yedder and Mde. Zarrouk . Mde. Zarrouk is found at Carrefour, they only have Tunisian desserts, and they have a large variety.

Sidi Bou Souk

Specific Items:
  • Computer / Printer parts and supplies:
    • Scoop Informatique (Online computer store, and several stores around Tunis)
    • MicroApplication - Tunisie: 8 Av. Madrid Tunis 71-338-374 (Epson inks, papers)
    • Ability Informatique : 111 Av De La Liberte, Tunis 71-796-655 (HP dealer)
    • LaserLand:Rue Beyrouth (Refill cartridges/Toner)

  • Hardware / Tools (Quincaillerie)
    • Carrefour
    • Ace Hardware
    • 10000 parts: Ariana

  • Office / Stationery Supplies
    • Carrefour

  • Garden / Plants
    • Carrefour
    • Many small nurseries around town

  • Auto Parts / Supplies
    • Carrefour: Basic oil/Filters/Supplies, some electrical parts&bulbs

  • Clothing
    • Carrefour: Main store and boutiques.
    • Used clothing market in Gamarth

  • Medicines
    • Carrefour have pharmacies in the center.
    • Pharmacies are in almost all areas.

  • Handicrafts / 'Tourist' goods / rug
    • Maison de L'Artisan:
      • Rue du lac Leman – Lac Palace Tunis
      • Tél : 71.965991 Fax : 71.860149
    • The Souk in the Medina (old tunis city)
Kat Getting Peppers

  • Paper / Art supplies
    • Carrefour
    • La Planete, located on the main road in La Soukra. Many fine art supplies, canvases, paints, etc., but not inexpensive!
    • Medina has section with school and art supplies