Electronics are readily available in Tunis. Things like flat screen TVs, DVD players, and cameras are now easy to get. Prices are higher than in the USA, but if you purchase locally it is easier to get repairs and warranty work done. Computers are widely available in Tunis, but they will all have French/Arabic keyboards. Prices and selection are much better in the USA.

Teachers Suggestions....
Lonely Planet or other guide books to Tunisia.
Lamp shades and lamps (note: 220v). Lamps can be purchased here, but tastes can be different.
Multi-system non regional DVD player 220v (see
Laptop. The school uses Apple computers and iPads. Teaching faculty are issued a school laptop, usually within the first week of their arrival.baggage52908.jpg
An external hard disk to transport big files to and from school.
A spare battery for your laptop.
An unlocked mobile phone. You can pick up a local SIM at the airport when you arrive. It is also easy and inexpensive to buy a mobile here in Tunisia.
An iPod and iPad. There are Apple retail shops in Tunis but prices are higher than the US and Europe.
A good digital camera and or video camera.
Printer ink if you have an older machine.
Transformers (if you have any devices that run off 110v).
Really good sheets and pillow case covers.
Game Boy, X-box or Play Station.
Mountain Bike with a few spare parts.
Specialized tools (regular tools are easy to get here).
Golf clubs, shoes, etc. (really any sports equipment).
Warm clothes for visits to Europe in winter. (Shipments don't usually arrive until late Nov or Dec. You will need raincoats and some warm clothes for fall and beginning of winter in case the shipments are delayed.
Sun lotions and hats.
Pleasure reading books. (Books of all kinds, especially if you have kids. Very few English language books available. A Kindle is a good idea.)
Any favorite food items like: Real Maple Syrup, Peanut Butter, Asian spices, chocolate chips, salad dressing mixes (good seasons low/no fat) etc...the American Embassy commissary is no longer in service (2013).
High Quality Pots and Pans for cooking (if you like to cook).
If you are a big person, ship all your clothes and shoes (it is impossible to find shoe size 12 or larger here in Tunis).
Clothing is very expensive and not always the highest of quality. Bring favorites; it's doubtful you will purchase any clothing locally other than some occasional jaunts to the used clothes outdoor market (the frip on Sundays in La Marsa)
Cosmetics. They are available here but quite expensive. "Q-tips" are very low quality, so bring some with you.
If you have favorite items that you want for your classroom, you might want to bring them (for example, you cannot many crafty supplies here and what's here is imported and pricy).
Bring your Christmas ornaments and other holiday items that may not arrive in time in your shipment. Some Christmas items are available here, but they are poor quality and overpriced. A 4' fake tree costs about $100 and resembles a "Charlie Brown" tree. Fair warning if you plan on decorating before the winter break!

Added in 2012
"Be sure to take full advantage of the excess baggage allowance and bring clothes for fall and mild winter weather, some nice clothing for the School Christmas Dinner, and any other items you may need. Winter here can be cool and rainy, similar to a mild winter in Oregon. You will likely not receive your shipment until mid December or later... perhaps as late as during, or even after the winter break."
Clothes dryer if they have the appropriate voltage (can be purchased locally but can be difficult to find).
Adaptors for everything that plugs in (can also be purchased locally but quality can vary)
If you are someone who likes to cook, bring your essentials with you in your luggage. (knives, prep stuff)
Things for kids birthday parties: decorations, candles, cake mixes, party favors (things like vanilla, food coloring are hard to find)
Christmas and birthday presents: A few things to have on hand if you can't find anything here
Scented candles
Vanilla extract
Any favorite cooking items
Over the counter medications to last several months
Prescription medications to last several months
Tools. Basic tools for home use (can also be purchased locally)

"Stuff that would be fun"

An ice cream maker (for home made ice cream)
Beer making equipment (assuming you can get it in)
Nice BBQ
Wind surf board
Kite to fly at beach
Fishing pole (you can purchase here)
Latest travel books for France, Italy, Morocco, Malta, etc (places near Tunisia)
Variety of suitcase sizes: remember you can only take one suitcase free on most airlines now plus one carry-one. If your suitcase is big, you will probably over-fill it and pay over weight fees. A medium one is good for 3 or 4 day jaunts.
An inflatable kayak with all gear.