Tunisian money

Cash: Tunisian currency is in dinar (TND)
The dinar is not convertible outside of Tunisia
The notes are 5 (being phased out), 10, 20 and 50

The coins are .005, .010, .020, .050, .100, .500, 1 & 5

It is prohibited to take dinars out of the country.

Arriving with foreign currency:
When you arrive you can declare the foreign currency you have to customs in order to obtain proof that you bought that amount of cash into the country. This can be used when you leave the country with foreign currency as proof of what you brought in.

In Tunisia you can open an offshore account in USD from which you can withdraw foreign currency or dinars.

money.jpgLeaving with foreign currency:
Taking foreign currency out of the country is prohibited, unless you have a document to show you brought the money into the country or a document from the Tunisian bank that you withdrew the foreign currency from.

When leaving the country the customs officer has the right to ask you if you are carrying any cash. They can even go through your wallet or handbag to check. If you don’t have a document to show that you brought the cash into the country or a document from the Tunisian bank from where you withdrew the foreign currency, they may take the cash from you.

There are ATM machines throughout Tunisia at banks. You should contact your bank in your home country to advise them you are traveling so that they do not block your card from being used in Tunisia and Europe. You should have a debit card and a credit card

Credit Cards:
Major credit cards are accepted in Tunisia at major supermarkets and some restaurants and travel agencies.

Travelers Cheques:
Not widely accepted, and if you find a bank that will accept them you will need the original receipt when you purchased them.

Online banking:
You should make sure that you can use online banking.

We cannot reimburse you in foreign currency cash for expenses, only dinar. If you use your credit card for school expenses we can reimburse you to your bank account in the currency of your account.