Hotel Recommendations

Tunisia has much to offer when it comes to hotels. The various hotels below are some of the ones we have stayed at. Keep in mind that tourism in Tunisia is going through a very difficult period (May 2011) and as a results, some of what I write below may very well be outdated by the time you get around to read this info.


Whenever we have gone to Hammamet (which is very often!), we have usually booked our accommodation via the website. During the ‘off season’, the deals are simply incredible and make it almost impossible not to take advantage of. For example, you can stay in a 5-star hotel including breakfast and dinner for about US$ 50 (for the room which can have up to two people). Though, keep in mind that staying in hotels during the winter months will most likely not give you the comfortable feeling one gets during the summer: places tend to be cold and the limited number of customers makes a big place feel even bigger (empty). Also know that if you walk ’off the street’ into most hotels in Tunisia, you will be quoted a price PER PERSON, not per room. Most places tend to do this. When comparing rates between Agoda and a hotel’s direct quote, make sure you know whether the hotel has quoted you a rate per person or per room.
Most hotels mentioned will have a link to the ‘Agoda’ website as it offers great reviews and all hotels on the site have photos.
It is also strongly recommended to read reviews on ‘trip advisor’ ( to get an idea of what others think.
Iberostar Saphir Palace (
This hotel has always offered excellent service and the rooms are beautifully decorated and the upkeep and cleanliness is unsurpassed. Food is also very good. We stayed there many weekends as they have great deals during the off-season.
Iberostar Solaria Hotel
Although the photos on the site look great, the feel from the place did not match what we expected. The rooms were nice and clean but for the same money, you can find a better place.
Vincci Lella Baya Hotel
Another hotel where we have stayed many times. This is more of a theme hotel and it is quite well done. It is worth a stay to make up your mind!
Hotel Paradis Palace
This place looked ‘tired’ when we were there. Based on reviews, it looks like people like the place but we were there during the winter and we did not enjoy our stay. Perhaps a summer stay may allow for a different kind of experience.
Alhambra Thalasso Hotel
This is a great place. After many stays, we feel that it is a good place to escape during weekends, especially during the winter as the deals are great and the hot indoor pool is also great. Worth a stay!
Sindbad Hotel
This is probably our best choice for hotels in Hammamet. Everything is great about the place. Make sure to try this place as it might just become your favorite place to escape!
The Russelior Hotel Spa
We’ve only walked through this hotel as we never had the desire to spend the kind of money they want for a room! It is certainly an elaborate place but it is one of those places that may not appeal to everyone. It is certainly a five-star feeling when walking through.
Vincci Taj Sultan Hotel
The grandiose lobby gives a feel of emptiness. We were upgraded to a suite when we checked in at this hotel and even that was disappointing. Not our favorite choice.
Dar Hayet
Beautiful boutique hotel. Very clean and the design is quite stunning. Make absolutely sure that if you intend on staying there, call the hotel before booking and ask whether they will be hosting a private party during the evening(s) you intend on staying. If they say yes, DON’T GO THERE! They will have blasting music till 5:30 am without any regards to guests who have paid to have a few hours of sleep during their stay. If no party is planned, do go and enjoy a bit of luxury!


Africa Jade Hotel
The Africa Jade hotel is a dream come true. You will need to pinch yourself at times to know that your surroundings are real. It is a beautifully decorated hotel which boasts an African theme, and they do a good job at it. The outside facilities are extensive and beautiful, making your stay most enjoyable. For some reason, the reservation option on their website does not work. As well, if you email the hotel, don’t expect an answer. After a few attempts at various times to get some information, I have never received a reply to any email I sent. The best way to get anything is to give them a call. Contact details on their website.


Kairouan is known for its carpets and its mosque, which happens to be one of the holiest place for muslims to visit. To make your visit more comfortable, La Kasbah Hotel offers you 5-star service.
La Kasbah Hotel
Great place to stay. Service is great and rooms are comfortable. The place is very unique as it is part of the medina (outside part of it).


Sfax is an interesting place that does not seem to see a lot of tourists. It is a good place to stop on your way to somewhere south of Tunisia. The medina is incredible, one of the most impressive in the country. Finding a place a stone’s throw from the medina walls is something you would want to consider.
Hotel Thyna
Hotel Thyna is a cozy place, very clean and simple. It is perfectly located in the downtown area, next to the medina.


This is certainly an enchanted place. Sleeping in a cave can be an unforgettable experience. There are a few troglodyte hotels in the area. We have been to Matmata three times and every time we couldn’t resist
Hotel Marhala
(no website but trip advisor can give you info. Tel: 75 240 015)
It is a very basic, clean place to spend the night.


Great little town on the edge of the desert. There is a zone touristique in Douz that has its big hotels. Though, you may want to consider staying in town to enjoy the local life rather than be outside of town, stuck in your hotel (unless you have a car).
Hotel 20 Mars
(no website but trip advisor can give you info. Tel: 75 470 269)
Hotel 20 Mars is a simple hotel that is very clean and cheap. It is a great place to spend the night on your way through Douz. The courtyard is very beautiful, and at dusk, what seems like millions of birds come entertain guests with their super loud chirping.


A town which one goes through without thinking about stopping, this place offers one of Tunisia’s most interesting hotel. If you don’t want to stay overnight in Gafsa, you must at least go and visit this hotel.
Jugurtha Palace
A must see as this place is over the top: kitsch galore!


Tozeur is like a magical place for various reasons. A visit to the south of Tunisia is not complete without having been to Tozeur.
Residence el-Arich
Beautiful, clean fairly cheap rooms that are worth looking into. Midway between the main shopping street and the zone touristique, the Residence el-Arich makes accessing the Tozeur sites more easy than hotels in the zone touristique.

Tabarka / Ain Draham:

Tabarka is worth a visit. Coupled with a drive through a cork forest up to Ain Draham, and further on to Bulla Regia, this makes for the perfect 2 – 3-day getaway.
Hotel Les Mimosas
Beautiful place to make your stay in Tabarka a memorable one. Some of the rooms have excellent views of the sea.
Royal Rihana Hotel
Very interesting place to stay. The feel of a hunting lodge permeates the place as many photos of wild boar hunting trophies hang on walls. A must if one is in the area.