NOTE: Area maps are spotty! There are detailled maps of the LaMarsa-Carthage-Sidi Bou Said area, and the downtown Tunis area, from the Tunisian Government Cartographic Office, but NO such map for the El Ouina area in between where the American Embassy and ACST are. Below are links to several maps: Careful! Some are large, even with a broadband connection... -- A quick first-look at Tunisia -- Is a great collection of Tunisia Maps at the University of Texas
NOTE: The Tunis City map is obsolete: The US Embassy moved out to be next to ACST.

Road Map of Tunisia (Large! 3.5M)

NOTE: The following link WILL have a better main page soon. For now there's just a file listing..
MAPS of the ACST, La Marsa and Tunis areas on Terry King's website:

#TODO# MOVE these maps to the ACST website!!!!

NAMES OR CATEGORIES OF PLACES IN TUNISIA What 's an Ain, a Bab, Jebel, Oued ? ? etc..