Cycling in Tunis

Punic Port- Carthage
Ride Around Lac

As a cyclist, I like riding in the La Marsa/La Goulette/Gamarth/Carthage/Sidi Bou Said area. If you go early on a Saturday or Sunday (earlier on weekdays) you don't have much traffic to worry about. You get some great views of the sea and the older developed areas. There are somewhat limited choices for distance and you either have hills and a nice sea view, or a flat ride toward the La Goulette port.

Generally, teachers don't ride toward downtown Tunis. If you can get out of the city area, you can find some excellent quiet roads and trails. If you aren't an avid cyclist, some might find it less than appealing to ride close to home.Bottom line, bring a bicycle and get out and enjoy. People have purchased mountain bikes in Tunis, but the selection is extremely limited and sometimes not available. If you know what you want in a bike, it is better to bring one.

Tunis is great for cycling. There are lots of trail rides in and close to La Marsa, Le Kram, Garmarth, Berges du Lac (all near teacher housing). I recommend a sturdy bike that can handle potholes and dirt paths, but serious road riding is also possible here. As mentioned above, Sunday morning is best since traffic is very light. There are not tons of hills, but there are lots of nice paths (see photo) that do between urban areas. That means you are never far from a nice coffee or lunch. I am not a serious cyclist, but I really enjoy a 2-3 hour ride on the weekend.

You CAN get a decent bike here in Tunis. The best place is Marche Bey Moncef (every Sunday near downtown). You will find hundreds of used bikes from 50-2000TND. This market is like a rough flea market. You can get bikes, scooters, fighting dogs, birds, electronics, pretty much everything. It is very male dominated, loud, crowded, smelly, and a blast. You may see two pitbulls get in a fight. I even saw a monkey and dog starting it up once. If you get a bike there, bring someone who knows about mechanical things and shop around. You can negotiate in French, but Arabic is even better. Not for the faint-of-heart. RP

Tennis Clubs
Most Tennis courts cost around 7 dinars to reserve, and 10 dinars for night time.

Tennis Club Carthage:

Avenue de la République Carthage Hannibal, Tunis - Tunisie
Tel: 71 277 313 / 71 734 129

Tennis Club de Tunis:
20 Avenue Alain Savary Tunis Tunisie
Tel: 71 287 379 / 71 288 257

Tennis Club Marsa:
Hédi Khayachi 2070 La Marsa. On the highway to La Marsa.
22 915 273

The Residence Gold Club

Golf Clubs

Golf de Carthage

Choutrana II, 2036 Soukra

Tel: 71 765 700 / 71 765 915

The Residence
2070 La Marsa - Les Côtes de Carthage

Tel: 71 910 101 / 71 910 144

Golf in Hammamet

Citrus Golf

Tel: 72 226 500

Yasmine Golf

Tel: 72 227 330

Horse riding

Centre D’Animation Equestre Tunis Belvedere
Place Pasteur, Le Belvédère, Tunis,
Parc du Belvédère
Tel: 98 652 085 / 71 336 884

Club 114
114, Rue des Fruits – Choutrana 3 – La Soukra
Tel: 22 301 889

Health Clubs and Gyms

Oxygene (Gammarth):
Gym with fitness machines and weights, PowerPlate, plus tons of classes. Open every day.
Tel: 71 727 189

California Gym
Two locations nearby. One in La Marsa and the other in Berges du Lac
Again, good equipment and lots of classes.

Ladies Gym (La Marsa)
Modelled after the Curves chain in North America but with the addition of personal coaching.
Friendly, supportive, responsive management.
Closed Sundays.
Tel: 71 746 742

Exhale (Menzah V):
Pilates 8-9MWF, 9-10TTh, (Pilates Ball) 10-11everyday, 13:30-14:30 M-S, 17:30-18:30 M-F, 19:30-20:30
MWF, 20:30-21:30 M-F
Step 9-10 MWF, 12:30-13:30 M-S, 18:30-19:30 M-F
Abdo 16:30-17:30 MTTh
Youth Classes 9-10 SS, 16:30-17:30 WF

Lake Club
Lac Grand Boulevard - 1053 Tunis
Tel: 71 960 422

Fun places:

Star Game

Star Game
A laser game for two groups of friend or families (from 6 to 30 persons) to play against each other. The game lasts 20 minutes and costs 10 dinars each per person.The more members playing this game the more fun it will be.
Address: Menzah8 next to Shoes Center and across from Ikram Center.
For reservation call: +216 93 34 62 34
Open everyday starting from 2pm.
Facebook account:


A sport in which players compete in teams to eliminate opponents by hitting them with pellets containing paint
from a special gun called paintball marker.
Address: 4 rue Med Ben Saad, impasse 1 El Menzah 9 , Tunis 2092
Tel: +216 98 44 34 06 / +216 22 44 34 06
Web site:

Carthage Land

Carthage Land
Located in the Medina complex in the heart of Yasmine Hammamet.
Carthage Land is a promise to heart pounding adventures. Discover the Journey of Hannon, experience the centuries and find the famous Barberousse, or embark yourself on a wild ride to discover the Mediterranean, or better yet, walk in the foot steps of Hannibal on elephant's back...

Aqua Palace
A huge water fun park in Port El Kantaoui. For more information check the site: