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Tunisian food:

Olive oil and olives

It is impossible to stay in Tunisia without eating or tasting Tunisian food. The food has many different styles due to civilizations who have ruled the land like Phoenician, Roman, Arab, Turkish, French, and the native Berber people..Most dishes contain red sauces, chili spices, olive oil, celery, red peppers, onions and garlic.Most Tunisians eat bread with everything.

Slata Mishwiyya

Famous Tunisian dishes every foreigner MUST try:

Slata Mishwiyya: Grilled salad in Arabic. It contains green bell peppers, red chili peppers, tomatoes, onions all grilled, chopped up and flavored with karaway seed, crushed garlic, olive oil and lemon juice.Most times decorated with boiled eggs, tuna and black olives.

Slata Tounsia: Called Tunisian salad.Tomatoes, onions,green bell pepper are all chopped into small slices and sprinkled with vinegar, olive oil, mint leaves, salt and pepper.

Slata Omik Houriya: Cooked carrot salad.Carrots are boiled and crushed with garlic then sprinkled with harissa mixed with vinegar.


Lablabi: Very famous in Tunisia.Chick peas are soaked in water over night then boiled in water and put into a bowl.Small slices of stale bread is added with harissa,tuna,eggs,olive oil, table, salt and pepper then all mixed up together.


Tajine: Meat or chicken is cut into very small pieces, cooked with onions (sometimes potatoes) and various spices.Then enriched with cheese and eggs and baked in the oven.

Kaftaji: Is a mixture of fried peppers, tomatoes, pumpkin, corgettes, egg all chopped up with crushed garlic and spices added to it. It can be eaten from a plate with chips or put into a sandwich.


Tunisian Couscous: In Tunisia, couscous is generally served with vegetables like carrots, potatoes,cabbage,peppers,onions,pumpkin, courgettes .... cooked in a spicy or mild or stew, with
meat, chicken, beef, lamb or fish.

Brik or Breek

Brik:Tunisian burek consisting of thin pastry around a filling. The best-known version is the egg brik, a whole egg in a triangular pastry pocket with chopped onion, tuna, harissa and parsley.


Mloukhia: Delicious green sauce made out of Mloukhia leaves cooked with beef. Must eat with bread.


There are several restaurants found all over Tunis, and there are some hidden gems that only the locals know about. Here is a list of several restaurants and a short description. The best way to get directions for restaurants is to ask around, or ask a Taxi en route. You can also search on the Tunisian yellow pages.
Not all restaurants serve alcohol, especially those in the Lac area.
Most places allow smoking indoors.

Chez-Nous: Can be found downtown Tunis and is a French bistro style restaurant. They have a good deal on the daily special (10-15 TD). It includes a nice salad, two meat courses and a desert. One of the old-time favorites of Tunis expatriots and visitors. No problem getting a seat if you get there at 7:00pm.

Le Matador: Is in Menzah 6. They have excellent wood-fire pizzas- some says the best in Tunisia. The price range is around 5-10 TDs per pizza. Salads are about 5-8TDs.

Restaurant Le Peuple: Is in La Marsa and is a great local restaurant. Simple dished of beans, grilled meat, or rotisserie chicken. Expect around 2-5TD per plate.

Li Bai: This reaturant is located in the Hotel Residence, in Gammarth, and is in the style of Singaporean food. It is quite expensive but the food is good and the staff are friendly. A meal with wine would cost around £30 per person.

L'Olivier: Is in the Residence Hotel in Gammarth and is an Italian restaurant. The food is excellent with a choice o
La Dokkana
f Italian or local dishes, but is quite expensive compared to local restaurants. A three-course meal with wine would cost in the region of £30 per person.

La Dokkana: Tunisian and Italian food with a good view and a nice place for large groups. Great atmosphere OK food.

El Firma: An excellent French restaurant-bar with high quality food. It is expensive, and you will need to make a reservation for a weekend night. This restaurant is in a renovated old french colonial house. Beautiful and a fancy treat.

La Falaise: is on the La Marsa corniche, and offers excellent sea-food. The restaurant has a beautiful view of the sea and the cliffs.

Ben'Sushi: This small restaurant offers excellent sushi, and can be found at the Lac. If you have facebook, they have their own group under Ben'Sushi.

Dar El Jeld

Dar El Jeld: This restaurant is probably the best known restaurant in all of Tunis. It serves traditional Tunisian dinners and is set in a typical Arab house.

La Closerie: This is a well known restaurant/bar in La Soukra, right next to the Mongi Slim Hospital.

Pizza Sprint: Take and home delivery of pizzas and salads. If living in the Marsa/Carthage area: +216 71 72 71 30 / +216 71 72 71 90. If living in the Manar/Menzah area: 71882359/71884357.

Fayrouz: A La Marsa standard. On the corniche offers tasty Lebanese food with good prices and service.

Les Ombrelles: Has a romantic view looking over the sea. Its specialities are sea food and grilled meats. Great place to eat out with the family or guests.
107 Avenue Taieb Mehir, Gammarth superieur.

Angelina: A romantic and Elegant restaurant which offers Mediterranean, Italian and French dishes.

Au Bon Vieux Temps: This restaurant is one of the best places to serve steaks. One in La Marsa next to Zphyr store and the second in Sidi Bou Said with a beautiful view looking over the see.
Au bon vieux temps

La Mer: In La Goulette on the sea side. This restaurant serves fresh fish dishes. For those who love eating fish will enjoy this place.

Le Café Vert: This restaurant serves fresh fish and offers tasty dishes. It is just a cross from La Mer restaurant.

Le Serien: Simple. Inexpensive and absolutely delicious. First you pick out your fish at the fish parket next door. They weigh your fish and you pay for the fish and a cooking fee. They take your fish and clean and cook them on grill next door. Service is excellent and fish is cooked to perfection. The fish soup is very good and filling, the salad Mishwiyya is devine. All plastic chairs and tables. Sit outside in summer and inside in winter. I think this is the best restaurant in town. Best to go with someone who has been before so you get to know the system. Just about 25 meters past the park/parking area towards Carthage.

Carthagène: Restaurant and Pizzeria and Salon de thé in Carthage Dermech. They serve delicious Pizza in a quiet beautiful space.

YaBon: In La Marsa Ville. Super for Saturday or week day lunches. Cost about 12-15 dinars for a full-blown fish lunch that will make you very happy. The keftaji is to die for.

Mamie Lily

Mamie Lily: Mamie Lily and her son Jacob run this great restaurant, which is an ideal place to enjoy the delights of the traditional Eastern North-African cuisine of the Tunisian Jews. People come here not only for the unique food, but also for the family atmosphere, which adds a level of comfort to the dining experience. -N.L.
Average cost: [[javascript:popUp('','convert','400','300');|TND]] 25
14,Avenue Pasteur
La goulette Casino

Tel: +216 71 73 76 33, mobile: +216 21 36 45 74

Salon de Thé:

"Salon de thé " is a modern coffee shop in Tunisia.Where everybody can go for a coffee,tea or a soft drink and chill out.Most Salon de thés serve deserts,cakes and paninis. Most of these salons are smoking places.

Café des Arts: A beautiful coffee shop in Sidi Bou Said across from Dar Annabi.It is a very comfortable place to chill out and drink a hot tunisian mint tea and smoke the chicha.The staff are very polite and hard workers.This place also serves delicious paninis.

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Next One: across from Monoprix in Carthage. Very nice place to have breakfast on a sunny day. Gets crowded in the evenings.
Uranium: Next to Monoprix in Carthage Dermich.Nice place to have breakfast early in the morning.They serve fresh juices and fruit cocktails. Italian coffee is available at an extra cost. This a great place but certainly not inexpensive. Very slick modern place. Nice to sit outside if you don't like smoke.
The service used to be very good in the past.

La risière: A restaurant and salon de thé in the Lac. It is on the same road of the Opium,the Chinese restaurant.A few miles up ahead.
This place offers tasty and light Italian dishes.Serves a variety of drinks.No alcohol.

Parc Shonk Salammbô: Café - Restaurant amidst a luxurious park along the sea shore
A relaxing atmosphere and magnificent view over the Mediterranean, the Boukornine mountain, the hills of Carthage, Sdi Bou Said and La Marsa.
Menu: hot ad cold drinks, ice cream, pizzas, paninis, sandwiches, as well as a restaurant menu
Facebook page
Directions: take the street that is perpendicular to the Salammbô train statio) towards the Mediterranean, just behind the police school.

Clubs and bars:

Le Carpe Diem: is a restaurant and cocktail bar which recently opened up on the La Route de Gamarth, La Marsa. They offer tasty food and delicious cocktails. Happy hour Monday- Saturday from 6:30pm-8pm.
Live bands and DJ's perform every night.
Place closed on Sundays.
The place is always packed on weekends, you'd better go before 10pm or you will not get a chance in.
Facebook page

Jamaica Bar: bar on the 10th floor,the roof of the Al Hana Hotel down town.Beautiful panoramic view of Tunis.They serve soft drinks,juices, alcohol... a nice place to watch the sunset.

Koubet El Haoua: has a magic panoramic vue over the bay of Gammarth. It has a Bar lounge on the ground floor, a restaurant on the first floor and a club on the second floor.
01 rue Mongi Slim, 2078 Marsa Safsaf
Tel: 71 729 777 / 71 729 778

Plaza Corniche hotel: offers an excellent restaurant and bar.

The Pub

The Pub: at the Golden Tulip hotel next to the Bowling club. Has a great and
fun atmosphere with Karaoke and live music. Everyone is welcome
to sing songs or play an instrument. Appetizers and drinks are served.
(Used to have a live band play on weekends)
Les Cotes de Carthage. Avenue de la Promenade, B.P 606,2078
La Marsa.
Tel: 71 913 000
Went to visit this place in winter 2012. Very dead. The draft beer was fine. Nothing special, but might be OK if you went when something was happening.

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