Guide for departing teachers - (work in progress)
Words of caution. This page is meant as a guideline. Changes in policy and procedures are frequent so be sure to get the latest information from the Business Department.


Leave a forwarding snail mail address with Karima so that your mail can be forwarded to you.
Forwarding address and personal contact info should be given to HR before departure.
Also be sure to make the necessary change of address with all those who do send you personal or business mail.
Label and turn in your house and school keys to Brahim or Khelifa in the Business Office.
Turn in completed "check-out" sheets to your respective principal's office.
The ACST business department handles most items related to departing teachers. Please check with them for latest updates.

Security Checking Out & Departing Services...

Checking Out...
Return Carte De Sejour by May 10th: Returning the Carte De Sejour (Residence Permit Card) is instrumental for a smooth check out.
Security Survey (Complete Via Email): Please make sure to complete the Security Survey you receive via email so that you can help us make security at ACST better.
Departing Services...
Local Background Check: Security can assist you in obtaining a Tunisian Police Background Check.
US/CAN/UK/Other- Passport Services (Assistance): If you are interested in getting a new passport or adding additional stamp pages; security can assist you in setting up an appointment and completing the necessary paperwork.
Vehicle Tickets Clearance: The Tunisian Finance Department will make sure you have no outstanding ticket violations before releasing the final departing paperwork. We can help you check if you have any outstanding vehicle tickets or simply go to the website to see for yourself.
Vehicle Tickets Verification:

Teacher's Checklist for Cleaning School Housing

Teachers are expected to leave school rentals in good and clean condition when they leave. The following is an outline of some of the items that should be addressed. teachers should use the work order system to submit work orders for repairs.
Clean rugs and upholstered furniture.
Walls /Woodwork: Remove hand prints ,pencil, pen, crayon,or scuff marks.
Mattress/Box Springs: Vacuum thoroughly.
Refrigerator: remove all food and defrost,wash inside with bicarbonate or soda solution,removable parts(ice cube trays,food storage drawers,shelves)should removed and washed in warm soapy water. Clean rubber door seals,especially in the grooves,clean floor underneath. Leave refrigerator plugged in.
Stove: General clean and working condition,
Washer: clean inside and out,clean rubber gaskets and areas around lid hinges of washer.
Drawers /Closets/Cabinet shelves: Remove non-adhesive drawer and shelf liners,wash inside drawers. Leave no clothes or materials in drawers.
Light fixtures: Replace burned out bulbs,dust lamps and fixtures.
Windows must be washed inside and outside ,window frames must be clean.
Yard:Cut lawns,trim shrubbery and clear trash including gardening debris. For pets:remove residue from dogs and other pets.
Garbage: Prior to inspection,the house should be clean,remove all garbage/trash and dispose of it.

Telephone line

Procedures and timing for cutting off phone. Your phone must be deactivated by you before leaving. This will require a trip to the phone company (TunisiaTelCom). Arrange this with Tarek. This is usually done at the last minute to allow you to use Internet and telephone until you are ready to leave.


Tarek will help arrange this.
Make sure Business Department knows your departure information and date so they can process paperwork with Internet Service Provider.

School Computer and other IT

Your school laptop and other IT related equipment should be turned into the IT Offices on the Third floor. AV equipment is turned into the US Librarian. Reminders are sent out towards the end of school.

House Check Out Form

Coming Soon! Business will address.

House Deposit

The school will hold 300TND deposit from each household to cover any unexpected costs (old bills or damage).


Car insurance
Please be informed that your Insurance coverage is automatically renewed (as per your contract) with the Insurance company.
Any Cancellation of your Insurance must be done 2 months Prior to the end of your Contract; If this was not done the Insurance company will be automatically renewing your contract & payment must be done. Original Insurance document should be also returned to the Insurance company.
Furthemore, please note that if you will be transferring, Selling your vehicle to Another Person:
You should be also canceling you Insurance by submitting an Original Copy of the sales contract to the Business Office who will take care of the cancellation process.
Finally if you did already cancel you Insurance because you are not using your vehicle or did sell it; please note that the Insurance company and ACST will not be responsabile for any damages caused to you vehicle while it is parked outside or within the ACST parking lot.
RS Papers

School checkout form

Your principal will provide you with a departure check list. A sample is shown below.


Omar in the Business Office will be working with you on shipping. Generally, people start packing in May.

Reimbursements from school

Finance will address

Sick-leave pay

Finance will address.

Hotel the last two days

Many overseas employees choose to spend the last two nights in a hotel. This is an optional benefit provided by the school. Contact the Business and Finance Offices to arrange this.

Exit Questionaire

Principals/Supervisors will distribute an exit questionnaire to you. After completing the questionnaire a followup interview may be scheduled. The questionaire will look something like this: