General Electronics
In general, electronics are 20-40% more expensive in Tunis than in USA.
Things operate on 220 volts here. Make sure all your devices are capable of operating on 220volts. If they are not, buy a transformer. Best to get your transformers in USA. They can be found in Tunis but it takes some hunting.
Adapters are available in Tunis to make an American plug into a French plug.
You can buy good TV, DVD players etc here. Expect prices to be higher than in the USA.

Full-time teachers will be issued with a new (or near-new) Mac laptop when they first arrive. Some faculty bring computer systems with then for home use. The ACST Tech Dept does not support your home computer repair needs. We can usually find a person who will come help you, but you will have to pay them. We will step in in extreme cases only.
We've standardized on Macs (mostly OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion) with Office 2011 and Adobe CS5 Design Studio. Transferring Office files between Mac and PC is usually not an issue. We are increasingly making use of Google Apps to create, collaborate and share documents.
The school has various carts and labs that teachers can use with classes.
Bring an external hard drive (or two) for backing up your personal and important files. This is also handy for moving big files back and forth from school. Make sure it will work on a Mac OSX. We do provide server space for back ups but an external hard drive is often more convenient.
Having a big flash drive (thumb drive, USB drive) is also a good way to move big files.
Your school email account gives you 25GB of online storage.

Internet at Home, School and Mobile
The school tries to get all houses hooked up with Internet before you arrive. Cross your fingers - the process can be complex and time consuming.
Quality of home Internet connectivity varies considerably between locations here in Tunis. Houses in older areas (eg. Carthage) tend to experience a greater number of Internet connection problems.
A G3 network is available in Tunis. It allows Internet access via a USB key and cost 100TND for the key and 30TND per month (these prices change based on deals that happen). It is not as fast as home ADSL, but it works right away and is fine for email, Web surfing and Skype.
The school has a 40mbs fiber line that allow for good access on campus.
If you don't use it already, download Skype so you can make cheap or free calls to friends and family.
Open wireless at cafes is still pretty rare
Some high-end hotels have wireless for their clients

There are not a ton of English channel options, but some satellite services do have several English language stations. Tarek in the Business Department can help line up a technician for you. Be aware that service quality - i.e. whether or not things actually work consistently - can be variable.
If you are a keen television viewer, an alternative might be to organize a Slingbox with a friend or relative at home. That way, you'll be able to watch any channel they get on your computer here. If you have or get a newish TV, you can connect your computer to that and see your programs on a big screen. Flat screen TVs are expensive to buy here.

Misc Gadgets
Cool new nifty gadgets are rare and very expensive here.
Advice: Bring a digital camera - great photos ops here.
You should plan on being low-key with things like iPhones and iPads. They are not so common here and highly desirable.

Software and DVDs
There is a huge amount of boot legged software and DVDs here. I am not promoting this; just saying that it exists. DVDs go for about 2TND per disk and software from 2-5TND per disk.
Lots of software for PC little for Mac. At school, we adhere to US copyright laws.
You can get more and more online, so you should be OK here.

General School Campus IT Facts:
ACST is 95% Apple.
We have roughly 400 machines.
We use GMail (called Falcon Mail) as our email service. Your school GMail account also gives you 25GB of online storage.
Your address will be first initial + last name at acst dot net, example:
All teachers get an email account at ACST. The account can be used for professional and personal purposes.
PowerSchool is our Student Information System.
The campus has more than 90% wireless coverage. There are two wireless networks - one for ACST devices and a second for guest usage. Teacher and student personal devices are freely permitted to connect to the guest WiFi network.
For IT support we have two desktop support technicians and one system engineer. We also have 3 assistants that provide support in our lab spaces and coordinating the laptop carts
We have one Director of Technology and 2 IT teachers and a Secondary School Tech Integrationist. An Elementary School Tech Integrationist position is being added in 2013.
There is an Integration Lab (22 iMacs), Media Lab (10 iMacs) and a growing number (9 currently) of mobile laptop carts (12 MacBooks) available for booking.
Most ES classes have two student-use iMacs with Internet access.
Most classrooms have projectors in them. Most ES classrooms also include a document camera.
Libraries all have networked computers (8 in ES and 28 in US).
We use Destiny as our Library server software.
ACST provides a system for teachers to create their own Web sites.
Moodle is our virtual learning environment used by most SS teachers.

Apple stores in Tunis:
There are a number of Apple retail stores in Tunis. Prices tend to be more expensive than Europe (and therefore much more expensive than the US) and computer systems will have French/Arabic keyboards.
Experiences with warranty/repair work have been less than inspiring!

For more information please click on the following link ( the site is in French):