The unofficial guide for new teachers at ACST...


This guide is created by ACST teachers and is meant to be helpful to new and current employees. We update this site yearly, but there are often changes in regulations and procedures. Please check with school's business department for the latest updates and changes in policy.
Below are underlined links you may click on to get to pages that cover various subjects. In some cases they will lead to additional pages. Also note the Navigation listing which will be on your left at all times.

General and School Information
Tunisia: General information
Photos: The roadsides and the non-tourist areas. Great photos from Terry King
Tour the school: Pictures of classrooms and daily school life
Meet some people: Introduction to some people at school
Housing: What to expect in your living space
Departing teachers: Tips for Departing Teachers

Living and Practicalities
Tunis quick guide Great Document Created by our PTO that has a little of everything (Google Doc)
What to bring?: Some tips from current teachers
Culture: Cultural tips for the visitor
Language: A bit about Arabic and French in Tunisia as well as info about language schools
Tunisian money: Dinars are broken into 1,000 parts
Security: Security updates
Churches: In Tunis area
Health and fitness: Cycles, Clubs and more...
Clothes: What to wear, where to get it
Pets: Thinking about bringing a furry friend?
Computers: Buying a machine. Internet at school and home
Shopping: How things are different, What, Where, and What's Good
Eating out: What and Where

Traveling and Exploring
Winery tour: Planning a day-trip to one of the local winery
Flying In: Hints for the first time you fly into the Tunis / Carthage airport
Ferry: Taking the ferry to France
Mountain guide: Jim Ryan's guide to Djebel Rassas
Getting a car: This should clear up some information about this complex topic
Great hotels: In nearby areas
Driving: Simple driving tips for Tunis
Taking the kids out: Suggested places for kids
Maps: Of Tunis and Tunisia
Travel agencies: Local Travel Agents
Visiting Aix en Provence: A quick get away
Traveling to Tanzania: A blog made by the Librarian

Miscellaneous Resources
Recommended reading: Some interesting reads related to life in Tunisia
On-line advertisements: Listings for cars and real estate
On-line news in English
Great Tunisian cooking Site (made by an ACST Teacher)

The information on this page is created by teachers who live and work in Tunis. We do our best to avoid errors, but we cannot guarantee all information here is error-free. Contact Najet Batnini if you have any questions.